Wednesday, August 15, 2012

9 months (late to post!!)

Alyssa, you are growing so fast! I can't believe how fast these last 9 months have flown by. Even with lack of sleep and keeping up with you and Emma :)

You are 100% crawling, and fast! You would prefer not to be held (unless you're tired of course). You like to be on the go, and you are the opposite of your sister because you could care less where I am. You play very nicely by yourself, but you're also a bit of a tornado!

I should start counting the number of times per day I have to fish something out of your mouth that shouldn't be there.

You are pulling up to standing, but still very wobbly and you fall quite often.

Your now have 3 teeth, two bottom and your top right. You use those teeth to eat lots of table food! You love cheese, lunch meat, chicken, puffs, blueberries, apples, and pancakes.

At your 9 month checkup (where you barely cried for your shot this time, THANK YOU!), you weighed in at almost 20lbs and 31 inches! So you've grown 10 inches and more than doubled your weight since birth!!

You wave bye bye (backwards, but it counts), and clap. You make a lot of noise still, you are a girl who knows what she wants! But most of your noise is still DA DA DA!

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